Public Grievance Mechanism


The objective of a grievance procedure is to ensure that all complaints from any project stakeholder, including local/regional authorities, residents of nearby communities, and other interested parties, are considered and addressed in an appropriate and timely manner. Bankers has established a formal grievance mechanism, in place since 2011.

  • All grievances will be acknowledged and responded to within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Grievances are summarized and listed in a Grievance Log, containing the name/group of commenter/complainant, date the comment was received, brief description of issues, information on proposed corrective actions to be implemented (if appropriate) and the date of response sent to the commenter/complainant.
  • All grievances are registered and acknowledged within 5 days and responded to within 30 working days.
  • All grievances are responded to either verbally or in writing, in accordance with preferred method of communication specified by the complainant in the Grievance Form.
  • All grievances received by Bankers are reviewed and taken into account. However, they may not receive an individual response unless requested.
  • Individuals who submit their grievances have the right to request that their name be kept confidential.
  • Grievances are dealt with separately from comments, questions and general requests submitted to the Company.

Bankers is committed to responding to any comments of questions raised in an appropriate and timely manner. Any person or organization may send their comments, questions, and/or complaints (grievances), in person or via post, email, or facsimile using the contact information provided on How to contact us.