Working for Bankers


Bankers is a leading company and one of the largest employers in Albania. Bankers believes every employee contributes directly to the growth and success of the Company. In order to retain exceptional talent, we aim to provide our employees with learning and development opportunities to achieve their highest potential. 

Our HR department supports this process, and offers learning and developing opportunities through both formal training and informal mentoring. The learning, growth and reward as a Bankers employee are supported by our strong focus on performance management.

At Bankers, this has two major parts:

  • first we align your individual objectives with the goals of our business;
  • then we measure and recognize how effectively you have performed against your objectives and contributed to those goals.

This approach enables our businesses to recognize strong individual performance, and to reward it accordingly. But this emphasis on performance management isn’t just about the financial reward - a clear set of objectives provides you with sharp focus and direction, giving you a strong sense of engagement with your work and the value that you, personally, add to Bankers.

At Bankers, we understand that shared goals can inspire great individual performance.