Being a Good Neighbor

Bankers understands the importance of gaining and maintaining the support of people living and working in the same areas that we operate – of earning our “social license” to operate. Whether in Canada or Albania, we continue to add new engagement and investment activities that help us to be a good corporate citizen and build strong relationships with our host communities based on respect, trust, and open communication.

Respectful consultation with communities where we do business is key to maintaining a positive relationship. Our Community Relations Department in Albania engages virtually every day in consultations and development of partnerships with host communities, their representatives and their residents. Community input helps us respond appropriately to the people's needs, and plan our operations and investments in a way that minimizes inconvenience to residents and local businesses and that is response to what people really need and want.

Through our Grievance Mechanism, we make sure that we receive and respond to all concerns from local communities in a timely and responsible manner.

We seek to ensure that communities share the benefits from the oil and gas development in their backyard. By employing local workers and spending our dollars locally, and by utilizing local suppliers and services, we are generating a positive economic effect for Albania.

Bankers Community Investment (CI) Programme recognises the need to assist host communities to improve their economic livelihoods and quality of life. This long-term strategic CI Programme was developed based on studies about the existing conditions, needs and preferences of residents in local communities. 

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