Clean-up and remediation

  • Bankers implemented a wide range of environmental activities and initiatives. The overall approved budget pool for environmental stewardship over the past 3 years has exceeded $14 million.
  • Ongoing field development has resulted in the clean-up of over 300 old leases since 2012 in conjunction with the water intrusion program, significantly improving the environmental conditions in the operating area. These works have resulted in the removal of over 1,000m3 of hydrocarbon sludge and the remediation of an area of approximately 48,000m2.
  • A pilot remediation project in was completed in 2012, Bankers is developing clean-up technologies in order to reduce the volume of waste sent to eco-pits in the future.
  • Bankers has also introduced an integrated municipal waste management system that has to date resulted in the reuse or recycling of over 80,000kg of materials to date by local contractors that would otherwise have been destined for conventional landfill disposal.

Meeting international standards

  • Bankers is committed to adhere to responsible Health, Safety, Social and Environmental Practices in line with Albanian Law and International (IFC) and European (EBRD) Standards in the areas where we operate including environmental management and assessment.
  • Our Environmental programs which have included comprehensive soil, surface water, groundwater and air quality monitoring are all designed to meet international best practices including standards established by organization such as ISO, BSi, ASTM, USEPA, WHO, and the EU. 
  • Pre development Environment Impact Assessments (EIA’s) are also completed for any project that meets the associated National or International Criteria for assessment. These reports meet the reporting guidelines established by Albanian, EU regulations as well as meeting the required IFC / EBRD standards where applicable.   
  • Where our assessments identify the need for mitigation of any potential impacts we will actively peruse initiatives to reduce our environmental impact. For example, the construction in 2011 of our export pipeline has led to a significant reduction in truck movements resulting in reduced vehicle emissions in the communities in which we operate.