Our Operating Strategy


The annual Capital Program supports the future growth of the Company focusing on three main strategic goals: execution of the primary horizontal drilling program, acceleration of the secondary recovery program, and targeted capital for operational improvements to reduce costs and provide infrastructure and facilities necessary.

Primary Drilling Program

The cornerstone of our capital plan and the driver behind our annual production growth is our primary drilling program.

The majority of the 2015 capital program is for primary drilling with two rigs and approximately 60 wells. These wells are a continuation of development in the Patos-Marinza oilfield.

Accelerate Polymer Flood Program

Next year will mark a shift from an early-stage pilot project to commercial development of our EOR program. Through the injection of water and polymer into the reservoir, Bankers aims to increase reservoir pressure to mitigate production declines and increase oil recovery. Company is encouraged by the strong performance to date and 20 polymer conversions are anticipated in 2015.  

Expanding Our Product Margin

Another focus of the Company is to make each barrel of oil worth more by lowering operating costs. The Company is continuously working to improve surface-level facilities such as building a network of flow-lines to limit in-field trucking, optimizing our treating process to reduce our use of diluent, and developing a more efficient power generation and phased electrification of the field to decrease our reliance on imported diesel for energy. We know that focusing on the details will improve our netbacks and set Bankers apart as an investment opportunity.